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Hurricane Irma Update

Our corporate headquarters in Bradenton, FL experienced hurricane force winds and rain, yet did not have a moment of down time. It does help being in a new building. New construction that meets and exceeds the latest hurricane building codes in Florida.

Our development center in Longwood, FL did experience a power outage. However, our backup generator quickly kicked in and we had power and A.C. until Duke Energy restored power 2 days later. Internet availability was spotty, but usable, for a few days after the storm and our high standard of technical support was unaffected by the storm.

Our remote data center is located in a building built to CAT 3 hurricane standards. Cat 3 is winds up to 130MHP. In fact, it never lost power or internet communications during the storm even though the eye of Irma passed directly over the building. Tony was even in the data center at the time watching as the eye passed over. Even if we had lost power, the building has automatic generator backup power with 14 days of fuel on site. Probably why the building is shared with other large telecommunications companies.

We value the VSE customer. Implementation of DR plans, already in place, were executed without problems. All our locations remained available during and after hurricane IRMA made her way through Florida and the Eastern part of the US.
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