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BSI is an IBM VSE/ESA and z/VSE system software solution provider. BSI was started in 1993 with the development and marketing of OPTI-CACHE to the VSE customer. Later, one of the products developed was OPTI-AUDIT, which was marketed by IBM as part of the Visual Age 2000 project to be used for the inventory and assessment phase of the Year 2000 conversion process project. IBM ANNOUNCEMENT LETTER.

In 1997, BSI developed our first TCP/IP application for TCP/IP version 4, Batch File Transfer Protocol) FTP. Over the next 15 years BSI has developed and marketed high quality TCP/IP applications and communication stacks to the VSE/ESA and z/VSE customer. In October of 2010, IBM announced the licensing IPv6/VSE for worldwide distribution of BSI’s TCP/IP-TOOLS (IPv4 communication stack and applications) and IPv6/VSE (the IPv6 communication stack and applications). The products TCP/IP-TOOLS and IPv6/VSE products have been combined and have been rebranded as IPv6/VSE. IBM ANNOUNCEMENT LETTER

Our Mission ...
Barnard Software, Inc. designs, develops and supports the best TCP/IP software for the z/VSE operating system running on IBM System z. We also provide solutions for z/VSE systems with performance problems.

Our vision reflects who we are at Barnard Software, Inc.
Customer; We develop relationships with our customers so we can make a difference in the way our customers provide products and services to their customers.
Quality; We provide quality, robust products for our customers, with exceptional support, that provide excellent value.
Integrity; We uphold the highest standard of ethics and integrity in our actions.
Teamwork; We work together to meet the needs of our customers.
Citizenship; We are good citizens of the communities in which we live and work.
Accountability; We are all personally accountable for delivering on this vision.
Move into the future with Barnard Software,Inc.
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