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BSI is an IBM VSE/ESA and z/VSE system software solution provider. BSI was started in 1993 with the development and marketing of OPTI-CACHE to the VSE customer. Later, one of the products developed was OPTI-AUDIT, which was marketed by IBM as part of the Visual Age 2000 project to be used for the inventory and assessment phase of the Year 2000 conversion process project. IBM ANNOUNCEMENT LETTER.

In 1997, BSI developed our first TCP/IP application for TCP/IP version 4, Batch File Transfer Protocol) FTP. Over the next 15 years BSI has developed and marketed high quality TCP/IP applications and communication stacks to the VSE/ESA and z/VSE customer. In October of 2010, IBM announced the licensing IPv6/VSE for worldwide distribution of BSI’s TCP/IP-TOOLS (IPv4 communication stack and applications) and IPv6/VSE (the IPv6 communication stack and applications). The products TCP/IP-TOOLS and IPv6/VSE products have been combined and have been rebranded as IPv6/VSE. IBM ANNOUNCEMENT LETTER

IBM IPv6/VSE Version 1 Release 1

IBM licensed IPv6/VSE from Barnard Software, Inc. for worldwide distribution as their TCP/IP product solution for the future (IPv6/VSE is a registered trademark of Barnard Software, Inc.). IBM's IPv6/VSE announcement (210-066) was made on April 6, 2010. The availability of IBM's IPv6/VSE allows z/VSE users to participate in an IPv6 network and bring the benefits of IPv6 functionality to z/VSE users.

While the product is named IPv6/VSE, the product supports both IPv4 and IPv6 communications. IPv6/VSE provides a full-function IPv4 stack and applications as well as a full-function IPv6 stack and applications. Both TCP/IP stacks (IPv4 and IPv6) can be run together, individually or even stand alone. IBM's IPv6/VSE supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and has been available since May 28, 2010.
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